Our Services

To ensure product reliability and therefore customer satisfaction, Sethcom continuously and thouroughly researches the latest technologies and products under extreme conditions prior to recommending such solutions to our customers. This is one of the many reasons Sethcom believes it will establish itself as a trusted provider of reliable telecommunications solutions for the continent. Here are some of the solutions we currently provide.

  • Base station construction.
  • Surveying routes.
  • Network planning.
  • Sourcing quality products.
  • Installation of optical power, ground wire and dielectric self supporting network.
  • Microwave links.
  • Communication sites.
  • RF/BTS installation and swops.
  • Splicing, termination and OTDR testing.
  • Cable fault finding and maintenance.
  • Battery/Inverter UPSs.
  • Photovoltaic Solar.
  • Lightning Protection and Earthing.
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